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Jeevan Mahal

Jeevan Mahal

Jeevan Mahal began his career with TNI in August of 2020, during the most challenging time in fundraising history. Despite the difficulties faced due to the pandemic, Jeevan thrived under the strong leadership of his work mentor, Charles Kim, and showed everyone that he would do whatever it takes to excel.

Jeevan is a young and driven individual who has repeatedly impressed those above him with his steadfast work ethic, superb critical thinking skills and charming persona. In 2021 he was named the overall pacesetter of the year for the entire company, proving that he could outwork and outperform even the toughest competition while working on behalf of the charity clients Inner Circle Marketing represents. Jeevan was promoted to Manager in 2022 and in that same year, he was awarded with the Rookie Owner/Manager award for TNI in recognition of his outstanding leadership, organization and work on behalf of the clients his agency represents.

Jeevan officially incorporated his brand, Inner Circle Marketing Inc. in January 2023 and in his first few months operating has built a reputation for being an outstanding leader to work for, someone who promotes diversity, equal opportunity, and a fun environment to learn in. He is a force to be reconned with and has big goals for the future!

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